DICTIONARY MEANING : noun |  meta – mor – pho-sis

  1. a change of physical form, structure, or substance especially supernatural.
  2. a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances.
  3. a typically marked and more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure of an animal { such as a butterfly or a frog } occurring subsequent to birth or hatching.

being socially awkward throughout my childhood and teenage milestones has been a very daunting yet enlightening journey.

being “socially awkward” isn’t cool or the “rave” that pintrest or tumblr* coolkids use to sound/seem cool for clueless or sociocultural sheep who want to use any type of mental castration or illness as an access card that will steer them into a group they think they “belong.”

{ but that is a topic for another session } .. *subtle evil laugh*

everyone of us goes through a distinct holistic journey in life that influences our “Character growth” and our overall navigation through life and it’s vengeful agenda towards us mortals.

the metamorphosis of a normal human is :

the CATERPILLAR stage : this stage involves the following aspects ; the “stagnant”, slow thinking , child “like” understanding & perception. The naïve wandering through life, where one is comfortable and steadily growing into the grasp and understanding of life itself. The challenges here involve : the trails & tribulations & mental insecurities that limit our passion or zeal to make our dreams a reality.


the COCOON stage : is a stage of release and self empowerment, once the caterpillar is physical, mentally & emotionally ready & equipped by life’s advances and challenges then a moment of self discovery, assertion & overall growth occurs within a confined space { literal and metaphorical } where the caterpillar needs to face their mental restraints & transform into another level of awakening & growth.


  • finally the BUTTERFLY stage : sadly this is a stage only a limited few can ultimately deem that they’ve reached. This stage is one of total spiritual awareness, acceptance, change, growth { both in decision making & problem solving },character assertion & awareness, self love & a deeper internal resolve.


which level of awareness and “metamorphosis” are you currently at?

this is not a question that needs a sudden & quick “top of my head” answer.. A holistic self-introspection & self decoding needs to be performed and if your internal compass or ”intuition” answers in a soft, weary & meek voice, then your journey has only yet to begin reader.

I hope your heart & mind is good to you.


{ sarah bellum }


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